Filorga South Africa


The 1st anti-aging mist combining a subtle fragrance to a stimulating, revitalizing and protecting action. It brings a real sensorial pleasure to feel good, beautiful and full of energy, all day long.

A revolutionary process in combining fragrances and anti-aging activity: the Active Scents! A cocktail of aroma with proven efficiency diffuses all day long subtle perfume and active ingredients protecting essential molecules of the skin (hyaluronic acid, elastine). NCTF, Cosmesotherapie’s flagship ingredient stimulates collagen production and brings a new energy to the skin.

Alcohol-free scented mist, bursting with revitalising active ingredients, which regenerates the skin leaving it fresher and softer while energising your mood.

Skin is hydrated, with more tonus, full of radiance. Your skin is protected and plumped-up with anti-ageing ingredients. Your mood lifts, your features relax, signs of tiredness fade away. A fresh and energizing fragrance diffuses all day long and reinforces the anti-aging well-being.

On bare skin: In the morning after showering and in the evening before retiring, alone and/or under your day or night cream.
Over make-up: to freshen-up your complexion. Its light and airy texture enables it to be use in place of your serum.

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