Filorga South Africa


The first cosmetics directly originated from aesthetic medicine

Each "Medi-Cosmetique®" treatment is stamped with FILORGA's medical expertise, materialised in an exclusive core formula: NCTF®, a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that hydrates and regenerates tissues, and a poly-revitalising complex of 53 + 1 active ingredients:

12 vitamins stimulate the vital functions of cells
23 amino acids stimulate the construction of elastin & collagen
6 coenzymes catalyse the bio-chemical reactions of tissues
5 nucleic bases activate cell communication
6 minerals overcome skin deficiencies
1 anti-oxidants reduce the synthesis of free radicals


• Cellular energizing (fibroblasts) (+147 %)***,
• Protection against free radicals (+90 %)***,
• Collagen redensification (+256 %)***,
• Tissue stiffening retardation (+366 %)***,
• Hydrate and redensify the skin.

**medical treatment consisting of intradermal micro-injections of poly-revitalising substances.
***series of studies conducted by an independent research
laboratory specialised in molecular and cellular pharmacology

The efficiency of mesotherapy combined with the precision of the nano-cosmetics

Identical to the formula injected in anti-aging mesotherapy**, NCTF®, genuine " red thread " of the line, is incorporated in each treatment, within the Chronospheres®.

These multi-layered nanoscopic spheres transport the 53 +1 ingredients to the centre of the skin and liberate them progressively. Originating from a discovery patented by the CNRS [French National Centre for Scientific Research], these spheres have been developed exclusively for FILORGA®. By breaking down progressively, Chronospheres® gradually diffuse into the tissues for a precise and long lasting anti-ageing efficiency.

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