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Filorga’s newly-launched Time Filler contains powerful active ingredients, each of which has been specifically designed to act individually on one of the three main types of wrinkles:

1.           Tension or contraction wrinkles – caused by negative facial expressions due to tension, stress and fatigue and are found mainly on the forehead and around the eyes.

2.           Hollow wrinkles or wrinkles caused by sagging – related to the loss of density and structure of the skin, such as the lines along sides of the nose and the hollow tear trough under the eyes.

3.           Wrinkles caused by dryness – leathery skin around the eyes, forehead and on the cheeks caused by dryness due to ageing which is further amplified by repeated sun exposure.

Independent clinical trials conducted on Time Filler have shown impressive results. After just three days of twice-daily use, frown lines were reduced by 19%. After 28 days of application, all types of wrinkles were dramatically reduced: crow’s feet (eye wrinkles) showed a 37% reduction; frown lines were reduced by 39% and forehead wrinkles by 30%*

In order to treat tension or contraction wrinkles Time Filler contains a Botox-like tripeptide that mimics the action of a Wagerin, a protein contained within snake venom. This Botox-like constructed peptide, Synake, is entirely harmless and merely mimics the paralysing effects of Wagerin which limits muscle contractions and relaxes and immediately smooths out frown lines, crow’s feet (eye wrinkles) and horizontal forehead wrinkles.

A powerful peptide, matrixylsynthe 6, helps to stimulate the production of the major components of the skin’s support tissues, helping to improve the structure of the skin.

Filorga’s patented NCTF formula containing a cocktail of extra-nourishing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants boosts the creation of fibroblasts.

Time Filler also contains a resurfacing extract of Criste Marine that has a retinol-like peeling effect, smoothing out the skin.

Time Filler’s high molecular-weight hyaluronic acid complex, combined with anti-oxidant Vitamin-E for a micro-filling effect. The increased hyaluronic acid content in the skin adds volume and helps to plump up wrinkles from deep within the skin.

For best results, Filorga’s Time Filler should be used twice daily before the application of your day or night cream. For a powerful anti-ageing effect, use in combination with Filorga’sMeso+ anti-ageing serum and Sleep& Peel night cream to naturally remove dead skin cells.

*Average instrumental measurement by 3D imaging – 40 women – 28 days use morning and evenings

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